C4 Therapeutics

Lives Transformed


When we began our partnership with C4T, they were looking to elevate their external presence to reflect who they really are: a clinical-stage company with a vibrant work culture, compelling scientific story and unwavering commitment to deliver on the promise of targeted protein degradation (TPD), a novel treatment modality, to create a new generation of medicines that transform patients’ lives.



  • Biomedical illustration/animation
  • Corporate branding
  • Corporate presentations
  • Logo design
  • Messaging development
  • Science communications
  • Social media/Digital marketing
  • Talent branding
  • Website design + development


What we heard from the very beginning of our collaboration is that C4T wanted its website to be for everyone, from patients, families and caregivers to healthcare providers, to potential employees, to investors and more. They wanted to create a hub of visually compelling and easily digestible content that allows every kind of user to visit their website and fully understand their potential for impact in the TPD space. Custom 3-D animations grace each interior page of the Our Science section, each supporting the unique pillars of C4T’s novel approach. Photographs of C4T team members appear throughout the site, including the interactive homepage, and the team is celebrated within the interior of the Life at C4T page. There’s even a company blog named after C4T’s integrated laboratory automation machine, Deggie, where employees are encouraged to remark on the company’s one-of-a-kind scientific culture. And crucially, the site provides accessible information that patients, caregivers and physicians can leverage to learn more about the opportunity to use TPD to treat complex diseases.


C4T’s new website is an accessible, informative and visually captivating resource with a “choose your own journey” navigation and a narrative that supports C4T’s mission to bring a new generation of medicines to patients.


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