DECIBEL Therapeutics



Decibel Therapeutics is developing gene therapies to treat hearing loss, including DB-OTO, a product candidate designed to provide durable hearing to children diagnosed with congenital hearing loss due to a gene mutation. In advance of clinical studies for DB-OTO, the company has prioritized patient and family education on genetic hearing loss and the potential for gene therapy to provide new treatment options. Decibel has also sponsored a genetic testing program, known as Amplify, designed to discover the underlying genetic cause of hearing loss in order to guide patient care and inform future therapeutic strategies.



  • Logo design
  • Patient engagement
  • Social media/Digital marketing
  • Thought leadership
  • Video Production
  • Website design + development


To position Decibel as a strong partner for patients and families and their advocates, TBC executed multiple strategic projects to pull through the company’s patient engagement message and elevate Decibel’s expertise in the hearing loss space. TBC developed a logo and branded campaign graphics for the Amplify genetic testing program, featuring images of children and parents and using black-and-white contrasted with color imagery to metaphorically convey the possibility of instilling the ability to hear. We carried this eye-catching branding into an extended awareness campaign on Decibel’s Twitter and LinkedIn channels. TBC also worked with Decibel to design and create a new Patients & Families section of the Decibel corporate website, featuring information on the role of genetic testing in diagnosing hearing loss and a catalog of patient advocacy resources. This content also includes two videos (one in English, one in Spanish) with physician interviews on the current and future landscape of care for children with congenital hearing loss.


As it advances the clinical development of its lead gene therapy candidate in infants and children, Decibel is well positioned as a credible resource and an enthusiastic advocate for patients and families affected by hearing loss.


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