INTELLIA Therapeutics



Since June 2021, when Intellia first shared clinical data from its in vivo genome editing program, the company has produced a steady drumbeat of announcements that have put it in the forefront of a biomedical revolution. TBC has been there since the beginning, working behind the scenes to advance the company’s narrative by putting the latest data in context for a broad range of stakeholders that includes investors, patients, physicians and the general public.



  • Biomedical illustration/animation
  • Corporate presentations
  • Media strategy and execution
  • Media training
  • Messaging development
  • Strategic counsel and planning

Strategic support

We have created messaging materials and infographics, conducted media and presentation training sessions for Intellia leadership and coordinated coverage by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NPR and other top-tier outlets.


Media stories garnered since 2021

Showing the big picture

Conveying the significance of in vivo genome editing to a nontechnical audience is a challenge. With similar therapeutic modalities such as gene therapy and RNA interference also advancing rapidly, it is difficult to convey the fundamental nature of editing the very stuff of life. Ten Bridge conceived a simple illustration to convey that distinction that shows a progression of therapeutic modalities in terms of both time and target, from small molecules acting on cellular proteins to biologics, RNAi, gene therapy and finally genome editing acting on intact DNA. Since its creation, various versions of this illustration have appeared in the Intellia corporate deck.


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