ModeX Therapeutics

Streamlining the story


ModeX Therapeutics sought a foundational brand and communications strategy to maximize the impact of a major partnership and enter the industry spotlight. As a rapidly growing clinical-stage innovator in the field of multispecific antibodies, its corporate, investor and talent strategies required a comprehensive, coherent communications foundation for growth.



  • Biomedical illustration/animation
  • Corporate branding
  • Corporate presentations
  • Logo design
  • Science communications
  • Social media/Digital marketing
  • Website design + development


ModeX and Ten Bridge collaborated to distill and shape the brand and corporate story that set them up for success. The core process as always involved a deep-dive into the company story as told by different stakeholders, and shaping a new narrative aligned across the ModeX team. Building on this, Ten Bridge established a visual brand, messaging platform and web presence to convey a compelling streamlined story. In addition to explaining the complex science of multispecific antibodies in a highly accessible way, a top priority for ModeX was showcasing the talent present at the company, from junior employees to the C-suite. Themes of mentorship and collaboration are key at ModeX, as their leadership includes some of the most experienced names in the industry, so conveying that ModeX truly is a culmination of decades of unrivaled research experience was important, and the use of archival photos provided a way to demonstrate that depth of knowledge.


After formation, the new brand and storytelling tools was used effectively to support the announcement of a partnership with Merck and the company’s first R&D Day. The power and advantages of ModeX’s technologies were conveyed simply and effectively and the unique branding and story is being pulled through talent branding, investor presentations and social media properties for a cohesive, differentiated brand experience which serves as an anchor point as ModeX continues to grow.


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