SENSEI Biotherapeutics



When Sensei Biotherapeutics initially partnered with TBC, the company had a brand and website that was no longer aligned with the direction of the company and its priorities for therapeutic development. Sensei put “everything on the table” and asked TBC to help them reframe their company story and develop a fresh, science-first visual identity.



  • Biomedical illustration/animation
  • Corporate branding
  • Corporate presentations
  • Logo design
  • Website design + development


In our creative and messaging exploration, we were drawn to how the Sensei team described how they approach their work: as learning lessons from the body’s immune system to inform how they would develop drug candidates to overcome the challenges that often limit immuno-oncology’s effectiveness. In our messaging work, we delved deeply into the science of conditionally active antibodies that drives Sensei’s platform, and employed a tone that captured the team’s humility, sense of wonder, and determination. Sensei’s focus on tuning their therapeutics to selectively adapt to the terrain of the tumor microenvironment gave us our visual metaphor, the blueprint topography that is carried throughout Sensei’s website and other materials. Custom-designed 3D illustrations enabled us to plot out Sensei’s complex science story in a visually arresting way that depicts the science simply and succinctly. Finally, for the new logo, we designed an S-shaped mark that both evoked the company name and a student-teacher relationship.


Sensei’s new brand and website, launched in June 2022, tells the company’s story in a much more dynamic way, with sharper visuals that jump off the screen and economic but powerful messaging.


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