Julie Perlin

Director, Science Communications

Greater Boston

Julie Perlin, Ph.D., is Director, Science Communications who leverages her extensive career at the bench to translate complex scientific concepts and craft compelling scientific narratives across a diversity of content types. Julie shares her love of science and science education with other team members through Science Office Hours.

Career and education

  • Significant experience in scientific communication and storytelling geared to a diversity of technical and lay audiences
  • 15 years of academic research experience that resulted in over 20 peer-reviewed publications
  • Postdoctoral fellowship in Stem Cell Biology at Boston Children’s Hospital and Ph.D. in Developmental Biology from Stanford University

Standout skills

Distilling and translating intricate and innovative science into digestible words and visuals, strategic messaging and narrative development, zebrafish blastula transplantation

Favorite bridge

“I have had the privilege of biking from Boston to Provincetown five times to raise money for MS research. There is nothing like biking over the Bourne Bridge at sunrise while the world is just waking up and the fog is rising off the water.”

Local insight

No matter the weather or the season, there is always something new and beautiful to observe and enjoy in the Arnold Arboretum.