Justin Chen

Account Director

Philadelphia, PA

Justin Chen, Ph.D., is an Account Director who uses his knowledge of molecular biology to translate complex ideas into compelling narratives and communication strategies. He enjoys diving into a wide range of science and working closely with clients to make an impact on patient communities.

Career and Education

  • Experienced communicator and scientist who has worked in academia, the newsroom, and nonprofit/biotech sectors
  • Former Director of External Affairs at OpenBiome, a nonprofit microbiome research organization
  • 6+ years training as a molecular biologist
  • 2018 AAAS Mass Media Fellow
  • B.S. in Biology and Creative Writing from Oberlin College; Ph.D. in Biology from MIT

Standout Skills

Science writing, strategic communications, media relations and outreach

Roles Outside the Office

Writer, runner, rock climber, napper

Favorite Bridge

β€œThe Mass Ave Bridge, which I biked over every day during my first year of graduate school. Going back towards Boston on hazy summer nights, I would see Fenway park lighting up the horizon like a UFO.”