Matt Zola

Vice President, Operations

Greater Boston

Matt Zola is the Vice President of Operations at Ten Bridge Communications. He started at TBC in 2017 and leads up the project management function for the agency. His team oversees the day-to-day management of all creative projects and works cross-departmentally to develop and improve collaborations across teams and with clients. In his time at TBC, he’s overseen numerous companies launches, Series A announcements, IPOs and product approvals.

Career and education

  • Seasoned agency and project management professional with over 10 years of experience
  • Graduated with degrees in Nonfiction Writing and Communications from the University of Pittsburgh
  • Project management toolkit includes Asana, Big Time, WordPress (for websites) and more

Roles outside the office 

(Very) amateur golfer, (semi) amateur cook, professional oyster enthusiast

Claim to fame

My Bill Russell/Wilt Chamberlain-like rivalry with Lisa R. for TBC trivia GOAT

Favorite bridge

“In high school, my group won a competition for who could build the strongest cardboard bridge for engineering class. We never named it, but that was/is my favorite bridge of all time.”