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Holly May
CCO, AvroBio
January 3, 2020
Quality Starting Material: The Driving Force Behind Life-Saving Cell Therapies
The future of cell and gene therapies is deeply exciting for all of us…. To bring about this future, though, we must begin to build the standards, practices and principles that will strengthen the cell and gene therapy manufacturing process and prepare it for what’s to come.


Cell & Gene
Jamie Margolis, Ph.D.
Director, Cell and Gene Therapy Operations
Be The Match BioTherapies
November 12, 2019
Leave No Stone Unturned: A Pipeline Story

We had to move quickly, jumping on a plane and wiring them money to thaw mouse embryos and start breeding Gaucher mice again. We wanted to jump-start the experiments while we were still negotiating contracts! Then disaster struck – the postdoc who had done the proof of concept (PoC) work left the project for another role.

Suddenly, we were recruiters, headhunting the missing researcher and convincing her to come back to her own research project.

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Deanna Peterson
October 10, 2019
Sathesh Bhat, Ph.D.
Senior Director of Computational Chemistry
October 4, 2019
Andrez Tellez, Ph.D.
Business Operations and Strategy, Cedilla Therapeutics
September 9, 2019
Adam Rosenberg
CEO, Rodin Therapeutics
June 4, 2018
From Merck Fast Track to Computer Chem Frontier: Karen Akinsanya on The Long Run with Luke Timmerman

Karen Akinsanya
Senior Vice President & Chief Biomedical Scientist, Schrödinger

Featuring Yasir Al-Wakeel, CFO, Neon Therapeutics

April 23, 2018
Moving forward: How our new space powers our mission to bring next generation gene therapies to patients

We [arranged] seating by cross-functional teams, with teams focused on advancing our therapeutic candidates for liver disorders grouped together in one area, and those focused on retinal disorders collaborating closely in another. We have no group seating defined by hierarchy or function; instead, scientists, leadership team members, administrators and program team members are all mixed together throughout the floor plan.

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Sara Den Besten, Head of HR
and Pat Marolda, VP of Facilities Operations
Generation Bio
July 16, 2019
Turning the ocean liner: how to advocate for a breakthrough treatment paradigm

When scientists unlocked the human genome, they opened a new door to game-changing medicine. I believe that translating genomic insights into innovative treatments is one of our greatest opportunities to dramatically transform patients’ lives and the healthcare industry. But I also believe that there’s a fundamental misalignment between this century’s scientific discoveries and the financial incentives built into our healthcare system.

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Jeff Marrazzo, CEO, Spark Therapeutics
January 2, 2019
The road less traveled in glycoscience: Carolyn Bertozzi on The Long Run

Carolyn Bertozzi, professor of chemistry, Stanford University and co-founder, Palleon Pharmaceuticals