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Limor Ben Har
Chief Operating Officer, Prilenia Therapeutics
May 2, 2022
Deanna Petersen
Chief Business Officer, AVROBIO
March 2, 2022
Sekar Kathiresan, M.D.
SVP, Head of Translational Science, Volastra Therapeutics
November 29, 2021
Scott Drutman, M.D., Ph.D.
SVP, Head of Translational Science, Volastra Therapeutics
November 8, 2021
Alison O'Neill, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer, Surface Oncology
September 2, 2021
Phillip Samayoa, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President, Head of Corporate Development, Generation Bio
August 4, 2021
Julian Adams, Ph.D., CEO, Gamida Cell and
Tracey Lodie, Ph.D., CSO, Gamida Cell
June 23, 2021
Geoff MacKay
Chief Executive Officer, AVROBIO
June 24, 2021
Luhan Yang
CEO of Hanhzhou, China-based Qihan Biotech
January 19, 2021
Dr. Richard Toselli
CEO & CMO, InVivo Therapeutics
December 18, 2020
Cell Therapy And A New Approach To Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant

This is an exciting time to be developing cell therapies as the field is reaching an inflection point that can lead to a major improvement in the lives of patients. Just as the approval of CAR T cell therapies have provided a new treatment for patients in recent years, we believe that we’re on the cusp of delivering a powerful and potentially curative cell therapy to patients that can revolutionize the field of bone marrow transplant.

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Cell & Gene
Julian Adams, CEO, Gamida Cell and
Ronit Simantov, CMO, Gamida Cell
October 27, 2020
Joshua Brumm, CEO, Dyne Therapeutics
and Joachim Boekelmann
October 13, 2020
Matthew Stanton
Chief Scientific Officer, Generation Bio
October 5, 2020
From Hope To Reality: The Potential Of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Gene Therapy In Rare Diseases And Beyond

HSC gene therapy specifically holds great promise against otherwise intractable diseases, due to its advantages of potential durability and ability for gene-modified HSCs to differentiate into multiple new cell types and migrate and deliver genes into multiple different organ systems and tissues. I believe there’s a very exciting future ahead for the application of HSC gene therapy in a growing range of indications.

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Cell & Gene
Bobby Gaspar, M.D., Ph.D
CEO, Orchard Therapeutics
June 2, 2020
Chris Mason, M.D., Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Officer, AVROBIO
August 26, 2020
Ordinary People Achieving The Extraordinary: Lessons In Leadership From The Court To The C-suite

I’ve told the management team that I believe in telling it like it is. I don’t like to sugar-coat or dance around a topic: I believe in honest, straightforward communication. Only then can you feel confident your team truly understands your message – and will stand behind you in both the banner moments and the more difficult times.

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Joshua Brumm
CEO, Dyne Therapeutics
April 30, 2020
Joseph Burns
Vice President, Discovery at Decibel Therapeutics
July 27, 2020
How COVID-19 is Changing The Production Of Cell Therapies

Treating and abating COVID-19 has become everyone’s top priority. However, critical health care needs like treatments for cancer and rare genetic diseases still remain essential — and it’s our responsibility in the cell therapy industry to formulate the processes to deliver them.

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Cell & Gene
Joy Aho
Senior Product Manager,
Be The Match BioTherapies
April 17, 2020
Liisa Nogelo
Chief Legal Officer at Surface Oncology Inc.
March 25, 2020
Sathesh Bhat, Ph.D.
Senior Director of Computational Chemistry
October 4, 2019
Andrez Tellez, Ph.D.
Business Operations and Strategy, Cedilla Therapeutics
September 9, 2019
Adam Rosenberg
CEO, Rodin Therapeutics
June 4, 2018
From Merck Fast Track to Computer Chem Frontier: Karen Akinsanya on The Long Run with Luke Timmerman

Karen Akinsanya
Senior Vice President & Chief Biomedical Scientist, Schrödinger

Featuring Yasir Al-Wakeel, CFO, Neon Therapeutics

April 23, 2018
Moving forward: How our new space powers our mission to bring next generation gene therapies to patients

We [arranged] seating by cross-functional teams, with teams focused on advancing our therapeutic candidates for liver disorders grouped together in one area, and those focused on retinal disorders collaborating closely in another. We have no group seating defined by hierarchy or function; instead, scientists, leadership team members, administrators and program team members are all mixed together throughout the floor plan.

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Sara Den Besten, Head of HR
and Pat Marolda, VP of Facilities Operations
Generation Bio
July 16, 2019
Turning the ocean liner: how to advocate for a breakthrough treatment paradigm

When scientists unlocked the human genome, they opened a new door to game-changing medicine. I believe that translating genomic insights into innovative treatments is one of our greatest opportunities to dramatically transform patients’ lives and the healthcare industry. But I also believe that there’s a fundamental misalignment between this century’s scientific discoveries and the financial incentives built into our healthcare system.

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Jeff Marrazzo, CEO, Spark Therapeutics
January 2, 2019
The road less traveled in glycoscience: Carolyn Bertozzi on The Long Run

Carolyn Bertozzi, professor of chemistry, Stanford University and co-founder, Palleon Pharmaceuticals