Clasp Therapeutics

Absolute Precision


Clasp Therapeutics launched in 2024 as a preclinical company developing off-the-shelf precision immuno-oncology therapeutics to target hard-to-treat tumors with absolute specificity. These treatments are designed to address a key challenge in the field by targeting defining properties of cancer that are buried deep inside tumor cells, rather than much more accessible surface features that are shared with some healthy cells.




  • Biomedical illustration/animation
  • Corporate branding
  • Corporate presentations
  • Logo design
  • Media strategy and execution
  • Media training
  • Messaging development
  • Social media/Digital marketing
  • Website design + development

Foundational work

We worked closely with the Clasp team to ensure that their differentiated approach and deep commitment to patients permeated their corporate presence, from their name and brand to their narrative and visuals. This work culminated in a website that employs 2D and 3D illustrations to tell Clasp’s story of connection to patients at the clinical level, and between immune and cancer cells at the scientific level. This connection is exemplified by their name and their logo, which evokes the links Clasp is forging between cells and its partnership with those who are central to their mission.


feature stories


Our work together attracted tremendous media interest, amplifying the Clasp team’s key messages and boosting awareness of its $150 million Series A financing. Our media efforts resulted in 19 feature stories and a total of 37 pieces of coverage across trade and business publications. In the first 24 hours post-launch, the company gained 2,500 followers on LinkedIn and 4,000 website visitors.

Additionally, the brand and corporate narrative have positioned the Clasp team such that they will be able to continue to grow as the company progresses towards upcoming milestones.


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