In April 2023, Gamida Cell received approval from the FDA for its allogeneic cell therapy, Omisirge. On the road to that milestone, the company steadily accumulated positive data showing what its product could do for blood cancer patients in need of a stem cell transplant but unable to get one, whether due to the lack of a matching donor or some other obstacle. But the data could do only so much to demonstrate the potential impact Omisirge could have on people’s lives.



  • Patient engagement
  • Video Production


TBC got to know Stacey Khoury, who enrolled in a clinical trial of the therapy after being diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. In a profile story and video, Stacey told us how she overcame fear of the unknown in order to make a decision that she believes saved her life. “You just have to have faith,” she said, “and believe that you have good doctors who are going to guide you down the right path.” When delivered by a survivor, those words have unmatched power to motivate action.


As Omisirge progressed from early- to late-stage clinical trials, Gamida needed more patients and physicians to know about the experimental treatment and the potential benefits it could have for cancer patients. Stacey’s story helped encourage others to enroll in clinical trials, and now that Omisirge is approved it exemplifies what Gamida has made possible.