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Intellia Therapeutics sought to use social media to increase disease awareness, advocacy, and patient education for a rare progressive and genetic disease called transthyretin (ATTR) amyloidosis. The company sought to use a paid social media strategy to increase video views of patient stories and web traffic to the Patient & Families page on their website. They were also keen to build their following across LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram and create new audience segments for future retargeting for patient education.



  • Digital analytics and optimization
  • Patient engagement
  • Social media/Digital marketing


To elevate Intellia’s patient-first culture, TBC worked with the company to develop a multi-touch and omnichannel organic and paid social media campaign across Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, centered around Rare Disease Day and Amyloidosis Awareness month. Intellia’s video content was broken down into five one-minute video chapters shared across organic posts and paid ad placements. The paid campaign employed advanced targeting of keywords, patients, and healthcare professionals (HCPs), with a focus on retargeting to personalize the experience and to increase higher-value touch points including video views and website traffic. Patient story videos launched in association with #RareDiseaseDay and #AmyloidosisAwarnessMonth served as compelling and highly engaging content, designed to increase ATTR awareness and education.


video views




The five-week omnichannel campaign was successful across all three channels, driving 127,690 video views, garnering 4,349 engagements, 883 web visits, and gaining 1,643 net new followers.The results by channel were impressive. A few highlights:

LinkedIn delivered the most significant impact, generating a 1,504 net growth in followers and 50,777 video views. Over 26,000 unique LinkedIn viewers accumulated 76 hours of watch time.

The engagement rate on Twitter was significantly higher than the industry average, and the Chapter 2 video, which was the first retargeting post, delivered the highest engagement rates at 2,431.

Instagram video view rates were the highest across all channels, with an average view rate of 98%, further proving the importance and value of incorporating a well-rounded channel mix to capture audience attention in a meaningful way.


Intellia Therapeutics’ success in utilizing social media channels to increase disease awareness and visibility around patient advocacy and education, as well as their ability to target specific audiences and create an omnichannel experience, delivered impressive results. By focusing on their primary objectives and utilizing tactics such as keyword targeting, patient targeting, HCP targeting, and retargeting, the company saw quantifiable results across all channels.

These results underscore the importance of social media channel selection and audience targeting in delivering results. By targeting specific audiences and utilizing a combination of channels, companies can create an omnichannel experience that maximizes budget, improves the user experience, and delivers the desired outcomes. The ability to create new audience segments for future campaigns that utilize retargeting further cements the importance of social media channels in building a seamless and cohesive digital ecosystem, necessary for achieving long-term success.


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